Countdown until the premiere of P.S.

Starring Mathew Montalvo as MikeFolks, it’s been long while since there was an update on “P.S.” and a new blog post. I know. But there has been a lot of activity in the background. Months of editing, evaluating, frustration, joy, and more editing. But things are finally coming together and it gives me great pleasure to announce the premiere of “P.S.” in Chicago, the city in which it was filmed.

The amazing talents of so many gifted creatives came together to make this production possible. If you are in the Chicago area, mark Friday, September 6th on the calendar. The premiere will be at 8pm at the Patio Theater located at Irving Park Rd. and Austin Ave. in Chicago. It should a fun, eerie, psycho-dramatic night!

Has it been awhile since you’ve had a fun and psycho-dramatic night? Well that’s what you get when you combine the creepily fantastic writing abilities of Rick Gawel of Herbivore Productions, with the beautifully haunting ambiance of Jason Williams‘s score, with the exceptional apparel design and eye of Caroline Borucki, and the raw purity of Hubert Neal Jr‘s drawings.

Let’s not forget the acting. You’ll laugh nervously and shake unwittingly after following the bizarre and twisted journey that Mike (Mathew Montalvo) and Pam (Joette Waters), two seemingly different neighbors, take you on. Then there’s Gen (Rachel Mazza), Artie (Marcus Forman), and Maria (Susaan Jamshidi) who all dial it in, swaying the mood pendulum from dark to humorous to frustratingly intriguing throughout the course of the film. With so many adjectives, can all of this possibly be true? I guess you’ll have to come out and see for yourself.


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