P.S. Trailer


Let’s kick off the first post of 2013 with a trailer shall we… This is the trailer for “P.S.” a short film I’ve been working on in association with Herbivore Productions. It’s a psychodrama that uses Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood as its backdrop. The neighborhood is best described by Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters as “Roaring twenties charm meets psych ward with no walls”. For a full synopsis of the film click here.

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Of course, no post of mine is complete without referencing typography in some capacity. The typeface used in the trailer is called DK Formosa designed by David Kerkhoff. It’s a beautiful, handwritten-style font which is in reference to the notes that Pam “Boo Radley” leaves at Mike’s backdoor. But I don’t want to reveal too much about the film just yet! For more fonts designed by David Kerkhoff visit his page on dafont.com.

And in case you were wondering, the eerie sketches of Mike were drawn by Belizian artist Hubert Neal Jr. More posts on “P.S.” in the months to come. But in the meantime enjoy the trailer and feel free to leave me your thoughts and feedback.


NATO Protest / Occupy Chicago – Part 2

More powerful images from the NATO protest in Chicago.
See more image here: NATO Protest – Part 1.

NATO Protest / Occupy Chicago

I’ve been walking around the loop all evening so I don’t feel like typing much. Although it really doesn’t matter because these photos speak for themselves. I met a lot of awesome, passionate people tonight. It was a beautiful night for a protest and the unity tonight was incredibly powerful and beautiful. Here’s to standing up for what you believe in and sending the world a message. Tonight was the newest chapter in Chicago history. More photos to come in the week ahead…

Thanks Lil’ Chris for lending me your arm!

That’s how the 99% photo-bombs! I call it “NATO-bombing”.It’s never too early to stick it to the man.


If you happened to be in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago this evening there is a good chance that I filmed you! Today was Day 1 of filming for PS. Rick and I are still hard at work on writing the script, however we’ve established that the setting will be Uptown. What better to do on a warm October night than to shoot flashing neon lights, passersby, and folks being arrested? (Hopefully that wasn’t you.)

PS. There’s something serene about sirens and drunken chatter.

London Street Photography

I, like many other photographers, love street photography. I too, like many photographers, have been asked by security to stop shooting when on or near private property. A few years ago, London put into place a bizarre law preventing photography in particular places as part of their Terrorist Act. Over the summer, the London Street Photography Festival produced a film entitled, “Stand Your Ground” which directly addresses shooting in public/private spaces on the streets of London and how the law handles it.

As a street photographer myself (who lived in London briefly), I love this short documentary. I’d encourage photographers and world travelers alike to check it out.

Here’s the synopsis… “On Tuesday 21 June 2011 six photographers were assigned different areas of the City to photograph. Some used tripods, some went hand held, one set up a 5 x 4. All were instructed to keep to public land and photograph the area as they would on a normal day. The event aimed to test the policing of public and private space by private security firms and their reaction to photographers. All six photographers were stopped on at least one occasion. Three encounters led to police action. This is what happened.”