p-s-premiere-patio-marqueeP.S. | 2013 | director, cinematographer, story by, and editor | preview clip

I recently premiered a 46 minute film in association with Herbivore Productions at The Patio Theater in Chicago. The film titled P.S. is a psychodrama about a new tenant to an apartment building that grows suspicious of his elderly next door neighbor who only communicates to him by leaving him bizarre notes at his door. As the story unfolds, his paranoia grows about who this mysterious woman is and why she continues to pursue him.

To learn more about the film, cast, and crew visit our “P.S.” Facebook page.

A Loving Memory | 2010 | cinematographer & co-editor

A Loving Memory (written and directed by Rick Gawel) tells the story of a young woman (Melissa Malan) who witnessed a violent murder and attempts to convey the horrific details of what she saw in a phone conversation.  As she recounts the traumatic events of that night, her memories become mixed with fantasy leading the viewer to wonder: Is she revealing the details of the murder or is she confessing to it? The short made its world premiere at The Gorilla Tango Theater in Chicago, IL on March 13, 2010. Watch trailer.


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