p-s-joette-waters-chris-tyreFilm Title: P.S.
Psychodrama, Thriller
 Friday, September 6 at 8pm, Patio Theater, Chicago | View clip
Studio: Chris Tyre in association with Herbivore Productions
Length: Approx. 46 minutes

Every apartment dweller wonders about the person next door. It’s even fair to say you make some assumptions about your neighbors. However, outside of the occasional “hello” in the hallway, that’s normally about the extent of your interaction. But what if it didn’t stop there? What if your neighbor knew your routine? Spied on your significant other. Thought about you. Wrote about you. Prayed about you. And even drew you. Yet, you’ve never seen that neighbor. The only thing you know about that person is through the cryptic notes that are left at your door addressed to you. This is the story of Mike (Mathew Lyon Montalvo) and his mysterious neighbor Pamela Stanely (Joette Waters).

Mathew Lyon Montalvo as Mike
Joette Waters as Pamela
Rachel Joy Mazza as Gen
Marcus Forman as Artie
Susaan Jamshidi as Maria

Jason Williamsoriginal score & sound design
Caroline Boruckicostume design / script manager
Hubert Neal Jrdrawings
Rick Gawelassistant director
Chris Tyre – cinematography & editing

Directed by
Chris Tyre

Written by
Rick Gawel

Produced by
Brenda Arsenault, Rick Gawel, and Chris Tyre

Learn more about the Chicago premiere on the “P.S.” Facebook page.


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