Helvetica Pumpkin

Happy Halloween everyone! The designer within got the best of me while pumpkin carving. The vodka within also began to get me by the time I got to the ‘C’, but I was determined to finish. I present to you my Helveti-kin.

Danish Design – 2012 World’s Fair

I recently visited the 2012 Word’s Expo in Yeosu, South Korea, which I feel is flying under the radar as far as major world events are concerned. Regardless, it’s not often that the opportunity to attend the World’s Fair comes along. As a designer, I was very interested how countries graphically present themselves and research. Of the exhibitions I visited, Denmark hands wins my best graphic design award, which is this blog post. Congrats.

It’s dynamic, bold, entertaining, visually compelling, yet simple. They were able to tell their story as a country and relate to the overall concept of the expo which was humanity’s coexistence with the environment, particularly the ocean. (I’m looking at you Turkmenistan. Tisk, tisk. Just saying that your country borders the Caspian Sea doesn’t count as sticking to the theme!)

I especially love the simplicity of the graphics. Icons are challenging to create. It’s difficult to strip anything graphically down to an iconic state, but Danish designers were able to do just that. There’s a reason that Danes are the happiest people in the world. Could it be they understand the importance of simplicity in life and design? Or could it just be that they have phenomenal pastries…

Not my dream app

Ampersands is not my dream app. It’s my dreams come true app.

If you are a graphic designer, type geek, or just someone who enjoys the voluptuous curves of beautiful ampersands, this is a must download. What’s especially awesome about this app is when you change the orientation of your iPad, it changes the font from regular to italics, which surprisingly looks drastically different for most of typefaces. Kudos to Chris Gregory whose idea it was to create the app and Nick Booth the app’s designer for for being innovative and truly taking advantage of the medium for this project.

A few of the typefaces you can find on the app include, Goudy Old Style, Adobe Garamond Pro, Electra Std, and Trump Mediäval Std.

I ♥ &.