The Kabel Font

Earlier this week I came across The Kabel Font. It’s an awesome new font from a German designer named Mathias Nösel. It’s a free font currently featured on Font Fabric. This discovery couldn’t have come at a better time either. For a long time now I’ve been looking to combine my passion for indie tunes with typographic design and create something visibly exciting and easily accessible. (The ultimate goal is to create an entire series with this theme.)


In my previous post I briefly stated how there is a great relationship between music and design. I illustrate this relationship with the design above. Midnight City by M83 was not only a personal favorite track of mine from 2011, but it made big waves in the indie music scene too. It’s a very colorful, full sounding song. I pulled the lyrics The city is my churchand based the design off those words. Having downloaded The Kabel Font a day earlier, it was still fresh on the forefront of my typographical mind and I felt it would be perfect for the urbanity of this project. The typeface beautifully captures the curvature and nuances of neon lights. Very energetic. Very youthful. Very electronic. Very M83.


With the type in place, I enlarged the typeface’s letter i and used it ambiguously representing both a city’s skyline and a church’s pipe organs. Anyway, that’s the concept behind the design. That too is free to download as a pdf.


Click here to download The Kabel Font.

Click here to download my design TheCityIsMyChurch.