Winter in the Midwest – III

The Winter in the Midwest series is a collection of photographs I have taken from various parts of the Midwest that I’m sharing for the first time with anyone.

For this particular photo I parked on the shoulder of a highway in Wisconsin, grabbed my camera, and sprinted across the street into an abandon barn that had caught my eye on the drive. I began snapping a few photos when I received a text from my girlfriend who was still sitting in the passenger seat. She told me although the barn may look abandoned, she’s fairly confident that it’s owned by the people that live in the small house across the street from it (who she could see through their back window). She kindly suggested that I get my ass out of there before there’s a bullet in it. Despite her warning, I took a few more shots (like this one) before I booked it. I then Frogger-ed my way across the highway back into my car where I floored it happy and bullet wound free.