Ridiculously Photogenic Baby Squirrel

Not often will a squirrel let you get close without it running away. Not often do you want to get that close to a squirrel. Let alone take a picture of one. However, most squirrels aren’t ridiculously photogenic baby squirrels! Being the good grandson that I am, I was helping my grandma pick weeds in her yard when we stumbled upon this little fellow. Not only did this baby squirrel not scamper away when I got close to it, but it was striking cute poses and holding still. Yes, I just used “cute” and “squirrel” in the same sentence. But look at it! I took out my iPhone and although I could tell the squirrel seemed skeptical of the device I was holding in my hand, it saw that I wasn’t trying to hurt it and it let me get within inches! I took this picture using Instagram and no joke, I didn’t even have to zoom.

Moral of the story: Good things happen when you help your grandma.

As for you ridiculously photogenic baby squirrel, I’m glad our paths crossed for this little photo shoot. But I recommend you find a tall tree to climb before you find a creature not as friendly…


The Foggy Marsh

It looks like winter is not over yet in northern Illinois. The ground hog was right… again. Anyway, I was driving home from work through Lake County this afternoon and I passed a foggy marsh and thought “What great atmospheric perspective this would make in a photograph!” as I’m sure most of the other drivers around me were thinking. Except I decided to act on it. I turned my car around and drove down to the marsh. It may have been sleeting hard in 30 degree weather, but my Canon and I battle on. (Although the snow did ultimately shorten my shoot because my lens was quickly fogged and covered in snow.) However, I snapped off this gem before the conditions got to me. With my hair and coat fully saturated, I marched through the trenches back to my car on the side of the road with a grin on my face. Today was a good day.