Photo Challenge: Beyond

Vermont Countryside

montrealI’m always trying to “look beyond” and in these couple images I’m doing it in the physical sense. I took these similar looking compositions on back to back days in two completely different settings. The top image is taken from a mountain overlooking the countryside in northwest Vermont, not too far from Burlington. The following day at rougly the same time, I hiked up to the highest point I could find in Montréal (my first Canadian city) and I found a similar view, but this time overlooking the cityscape.


Winter in the Midwest


If you happened to be in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago this evening there is a good chance that I filmed you! Today was Day 1 of filming for PS. Rick and I are still hard at work on writing the script, however we’ve established that the setting will be Uptown. What better to do on a warm October night than to shoot flashing neon lights, passersby, and folks being arrested? (Hopefully that wasn’t you.)

PS. There’s something serene about sirens and drunken chatter.